SINGLE REVIEW: Bleachers feat. Bruce Springsteen – Chinatown

Bleachers is back after a brief hiatus, and they’ve got one of the music industry’s biggest heavyweights in tow for their epic return. ‘Chinatown’ is a nostalgic tinged indie pop-rock song that hears Jack Antonoff teaming up with THE Bruce Springsteen. 

The song is dedicated to New Jersey where both Antonoff and Springsteen hail from, and the fruitful love stories that can arise in the city. It has a very youthful heart at the centre of it, and it immediately has you feeling like you’re in the centre of an 80’s plot line aesthetically and sonically. “Yeah I wanna find tomorrow with a girl like you, my Chinatown baby. Sitting on the front stoop, crying out the crazy. I’ll take you out of the city, honey, right into the shadow. Because I wanna find tomorrow, Yeah, I wanna find tomorrow with you” he sings. 

The production is classic Bleachers with a cinematic undertone driving the structure of the song. Beginning with guitars and atmospheric synths, the song builds into this big nostalgic 80’s pop moment that feels so anthemic. It’s a song that you’ll want to scream along to in the middle of a sweaty mosh pit during a music festival in the middle of the afternoon. 

‘Chinatown’ is the first taste of what is to come from Bleachers third studio album which is slated for a late 2020/early 2021 release, and if it’s anything like what this track is then it’s going to be a serious summertime vibe.