SINGLE REVIEW: Isaac Dunbar – love, or the lack thereof

Isaac Dunbar may only be 17 years old, but he has a maturity and understanding of love and heartbreak that is way beyond his years. His recent EP ‘Isaac’s insects’ was an emotively beautiful body of tracks that candidly addressed sexuality, social norms, love and heartbreak in a way that was so relatable and consumable. And now he’s stepping into the next chapter with the lead up to his next EP ‘evil twin’ which is slated for a February 2021 release. 

‘love, or the lack thereof’ is the follow up single to the slow-dance moment that was ‘miss america’, and it injects an introspective commentary on the reality of love with pulsating synths and beats. It has a dreamlike quality to it that will have you immediately grooving along to its natural flow. From the opening with its oozing dreamy production, he grows the sound with the pulsating energy that turns it into a big pop moment reminiscent of Conan Gray’s recent material. But it also sonically reminds me of ‘Ribs’ by Lorde’ which is a huge compliment as the song was also produced by the same producer, Joel Little.  

Reflecting on the intricacies of love, he dives into the reality of some of the darker moments where you know someone is toxic for you, but you can’t help dreaming of them and wanting them in your life. “I’ll dream about your fingers on me. You’ll tell me that I’m wrong. I’ll tell myself you’ll always want me. You say I think too much, but I thought you were mine, love” he emotively but confidently sings during the chorus.

‘love, or the lack thereof’ is a very honest, and captivating track from Isaac Dunbar’ that hints at a bold and definitive body of work to come in 2021. Prepare yourself to dance and cry to it on repeat.