Hooligan Hefs have just dropped the official 2020/21 Australian summer anthem. ‘SEND IT!’ is everything you could want or need for a summer jam; it’s energetic, carefree, boisterous and chaotically brilliant. 

The Western Sydney rapper has continued to fuse his hip-hop and dance influences together, and given you the Australian equivalent of Dizzee Rascals’ ‘Bonkers’. It’s a lot more dance-pop orientated than his debut EP ‘Living In Sin’, but it’s also still got his rap foundations in tact which keeps the Hef you’ve come acquainted with at the focus point. 

With a distorted female vocal oozing the song into its dance-pop interpolation, four gun shots signal the start of Hef’s rap verse while a dance-trap beat propels the energy into bouncy territory. And the pulsating drop that follows the chorus is something you’d expect to hear at every summer festival… once allowed of course. 

Hooligan Hefs has created this song purely to become a summer anthem so we can all “send it” together, and he’s successfully created that because you won’t get it out of your head after the very first listen.