Looking through GRAACE’s discography, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has delivered a lot of vulnerable moments of emotional intimacy. The heartbreaking ‘Last Night’ is the pinnacle of sad pop that you need in your life, alongside the accompanying ‘Overthink’, ’SOS’ and the piano led cover of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ that will hit you deep in the feelings. But on top of those moments she has also shown a pop evolution that has seen her step into a confident production that explodes with pure euphoria. ‘Have Fun At Your Party’, ‘Kissing Boys’, ‘21st Century Love’, are the shimmery examples of this sound, but she’s dived even deeper with a seductive tone on previous single ‘Body Language’, and she’s ready to do it again. 

‘You Do You’ is another confident exploration into her sound and vision as an artist. Piggybacking off ‘Body Language’, she’s experimented with a darker dance influenced sound that is then lightened by a groovy bass riff which gives it a continuous pulsating energy. Produced by Xavier Dunn and Cassian, the song feels very playful and hears GRAACE like we haven’t heard before. Pitching her vocals during the chorus, it adds another DIY layer and switches up your thoughts about what you expect from her sonically. 

Lyrically this flirtatious song explores the beginning moments of getting to know someone and teasing them with what you know they want. “You just do you, and I’ll just do me. You know that I could blow your mind, leave you guessing every time” she playfully sings. 

‘You Do You’ is an infectious pop moment that feels like it deserves to be given a home on the live stage in her future shows. It’s fun, experiential and quite different to what you’d expect from her, but it’s a total banger!