During a year of continuous uncertainties, G Flip has been delivering some bonafide bangers and kept spirits highs with the anthemic ‘Hyperfine’ and the romantic ‘You & I’. Adding another single to that growing list, ‘I’D RATHER GO TO BED’ is an anthem all about depression and coping mechanisms which is going to emotively touch a lot of people deeply, especially following this hard year. 

Confessing her thoughts through a state of depression she’s been recently living in, she admits that some days she would feel so miserable that she didn’t want to get out of bed and face the day, and instead would just sleep and live in her dreams. This is a concept that is so relatable, because at the end of the day our dreams can represent the most idealistic version of our thoughts and wants. 

“I’d rather go to bed, there’s a mess up in my head. If I’m honest, I’d rather go to bed. Yeah, this day I fucking dread. If I’m honest, There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than swimming in my lucid dreams. I’m happier when I’m asleep” she sings during the anthemic chorus. 

Providing a light and shade contrast with the lyrics, she makes sure that the production is quite upbeat and anthemic, while still capturing that dream-like essence with the pulsating energy. The harmonies are on point, with layered vocals towards the end that build this future big singalong moment for her live show. 

‘ID RATHER GO TO BED’ is yet another home run for G Flip, and it’s one of her most relatable pop moments yet.