SINGLE REVIEW: Chris Lanzon – New York, Falling Apart

Chris Lanzon is building a career defined by introspective indie-pop songs that tear down the walls of his self-conscious and give listeners a very candid look into the thoughts that weigh him down. His debut EP ‘Melancholy’ was a beautifully intricate introduction to this vision with a cinematic flair driving the visuals and aesthetic. Kickstarting the next chapter, ‘Everest’ was the first glimpse of his second EP that hints at a bigger production and a bolder grasp on the vision he has artistically. 

‘New York, Falling Apart’ is the next piece to the puzzle that compliments this further exploration of his intentional production and sound. Completely self-produced, this song is whole heartedly him, and hears him pushing himself with the way he builds his sonical foundations. 

Beginning with the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar layered with atmospheric production and some vocal echoing on top, he draws in listeners with this raw intimacy. But then adds in a drum beat that continues building the growing atmosphere into this big moment of release at 1:59 as he proclaims “I’m falling apart”. It’s a climax of emotions that also hears all the production elements coming together fittingly, and the whole structure and indie pop-rock sound is reminiscent of LANY’s recent material. 

Reflecting on the correlation of the complexities of a broken relationship that he finds himself trying to salvage with the idealising of a city that isn’t his home, and can’t be his home. He finds himself wishing he could stay in New York and leave his problems, but he also deep down knows that it’s not a realistic thought. “I’m stuck in my head. I take back the things I said. Know we’d never reach heaven but I’d do it again. Go back to the night you left, pick up the shattered pieces” he emotively sings. 

‘New York, Falling Apart’ is yet another exciting and impressive exploration into who Chris Lanzon is as an artist. This is one of his most captivating releases yet, and stands super strong next to the fan favourites ‘Still’ and ‘Everest’.