SINGLE REVIEW: Muki – Level Mind Fuck

It’s been a little while since we last heard from Muki, and let’s just say it’s about time that she delivered us some new PC-pop bangers. Following the release of her infectious last single ‘I Know What I Like’ late last year, the singer-songwriter relocated to the UK where she worked on collaborating and finding the inspiration for this next chapter in her career. 

Now back in Australia, the Sydney based artist is ready to hit the green light. ‘Level Mind Fuck’ is the first offering from her body of work slated for early 2021 that hears her shifting towards a very bold and strong experimental direction. 

Finding a spot in a darker PC-pop light, this song is a journey within its self. Beginning with a glitchy Charli XCX meets Grimes beat and vocal take, it leans into a DIY industrial beat that gets more chaotic in the best way possible throughout the duration. Once it hits the 1.26 mark it grows into a lighter pop sound that is more reminiscent of her previous singles. As she transitions into this sound she uses an elevator shaft sound to be the filtering moment. But in classic Muki fashion she doesn’t like to be too predictable, and revokes the pop production at the end with just her vocals taking centerstage during the outro. So yes, as I said before, the song is a journey and it really will keep you intently guessing while listening. 

There is a confidence that shines through the whole track that will have you feeling empowered and embracing the bad bitch energy. And as she re-writes her own narrative on how someone described and felt about her, you will confidently proclaim with her “Bet you wish you never met me. But you know, but you know, this mess you won’t forget me”. YES MUKI! I felt THAT!