SINGLE REVIEW: Mason Watts – Enough’s Enough

“So tell me darling, how do you know when enough’s enough?” Mason Watts vulnerably ponders in his emotionally raw new single ‘Enough’s Enough’. It’s a personal question that will find yourself contemplating a time where you’ve had to question that same mindset. For me, I was taken back to the toxicity of my last relationship that saw me clinging on and making excuses for all of the comments and actions that were made. Even though I knew deep down that it was the end, I just didn’t want the reality to hit, and that’s the same conceptualised idea that Mason Watts explores. 

“Maybe we’re just too far gone to turn us around. You’re like a poison in my veins, but I still want you, still need you somehow” he honestly sings during the heartfelt chorus. Struggling with the pain involved in leaving someone when you still love them, he also contrasts the pain of the toxicity that weighs you down and has you simultaneously wanting and needing better. 

Layering these emotions with a chilled out and pop friendly production, he builds a sound that could be found somewhere in-between Niall Horan and Dean Lewis. The strong hook is very anthemic which follows in the footsteps of his previous singles ‘Recovery’ and ‘Sanctuary’. They have big singalong parts that will really fit well in his future live shows. 

‘Enough’s Enough’ is a strong and emotional follow up to his previous releases, and steadily keeps the momentum going as he introduces himself to listeners in a candid and tender way.