SINGLE REVIEW: Crooked Colours – Falling

2020 has been a hard year for everyone, and for Crooked Colours it saw their touring completely  disappear. But while this could’ve been taken as a negative, it actually gave the band some much needed space and perspective which allowed for their third studio album to start taking form. And what that means for fans is that a whole lot of new music is on the horizon (!!!).  

‘Love Language’ was the first taste of what’s to come from the Perth trio, and with its dreamy aesthetic and pulsating beat they had you dreaming of dance floors again. Their follow up single is the moody ‘Falling’, and it unsurprisingly has the same effect upon its very first spin, and has you wishing you could be sitting on someone’s shoulders at a Crooked Colours show again. 

The melodramatic dance track begins with brooding and moody synths that begin to rhythmically take flight through the addition of beats before then exploding into a pulsating chorus. It feels like a classic Crooked Colours song with its strong structure, and its one that their fans will immediately and rightfully eat up.

Lyrically the song explores the transition into writing their next studio album instead of touring like they were meant to this year. It’s a self-realisation that occurred from just stopping and acknowledging how burnt out they were and how lost they were with their direction and vision. This song claims that back. “I’m truly falling in over my head. Your love it keeps on calling, pulling me ahead” they sing. 

It’s a song for the fans that candidly details where they are at as a band, and lays down the foundations for this next record which is slated for an early 2021 release.