SINGLE REVIEW: 3OH!3 feat. 100 Gecs – Lonely Machines

THIS IS NOT A DRILL… 3OH!3 ARE BACK! The dynamic Colorado duo are ready to have you dancing again to DIY gritty electronica-pop fusions with big hooks that could be screamed in mosh pits across the world. 

Back to where it all started on the indie label ‘Photo Finish Records’, they’ve dropped their highly anticipated first single in four years, ‘Lonely Machines’. The collaborative single with 100 Gecs is a brilliantly chaotic reminder of why they were your favourite new band in 2008. 

Proclaiming “You tell your boyfriend if he still got beef, that over time it’s gonna give him heart disease” during the opening verse, they will immediately win you over with pure nostalgia thanks to the reference to the iconic line from ‘Don’t Trust Me’. From there they get even more chaotic with lyrics about taking pictures, pegging and boomers, and it’s honestly so brilliant. The production is unapologetically them and hears a big return to their roots with no obvious sacrifice to find relevancy, which is a major issue that acts trying to do a comeback constantly hit. 

‘Lonely Machines’ is everything that you could’ve possibly wanted from 3OH!3, and then you add 100 Gecs into the picture who have previously stated 3OH!3 as a huge inspiration of theirs, and its just even bolder and more memorable.