SINGLE REVIEW: Eves Karydas – Get Me So High

Earlier this year Eves Karydas delivered one of the catchiest pop songs of 2020 with the anthemic ‘Complicated’. It heard the Brisbane based singer-songwriter taking the DIY alt-pop palette that her debut album was soaked in, and layer all of these innovative and polished sounds to create something that felt fresh and euphorically engaging. It was a BIG pop moment for her, and signalled the start of an exciting new chapter.

‘Get Me So High’ is the highly anticipated follow up single that hears her further exploring this edgier and more confident sound. Beginning with a guitar riff, her smooth vocals trickle over the top  before a drum beat, synths, and harmonies are additionally layered. She even adds in the quirky bell ding from ‘Complicated’ which adds a cohesion to this new sonical vision. 

Reflecting on the highs and lows of love, she explores the concept of “being in love is like being given drugs for free”. There is an immediate and captivating high that continuously has you gravitating back, but there is also the toxic lows that impact your own personal moods and can be quite damaging. 

“Here you go again, giving me drugs for free. Couldn’t buy this high with money so I’m always on the edge. Trembling when you leave. Scary just how much I want you, and you get me so high” she sings during the catchy hook. 

The song has this really strong and anthemic drive to it which is addictive, infectious and ultimately relatable. You can immediately envision yourself into the scenario and vividly feel and see the story unfold, which will make you want to add this song to your heavy rotation playlists alongside ‘Complicated’.