SINGLE REVIEW: Tamara & The Dreams – Internet Song

Earlier this year Tamara & The Dreams dropped the ridiculously addictive ‘FUNNY!’ which saw her reflecting on hiding behind jokes and memes instead of showing vulnerability. It’s an interesting commentary on the way that people are now raised on the internet through “meme culture” which has then evolved into “cancel culture”.

Her second release for 2020 hears her further exploring this concept with the appropriately titled ‘Internet Song’. As the title hints, this song is dedicated to all of the relationships you can have online and the personas you build. It hears her citing conversations she had, mantras she believes in, people she’s met or stalked and catchphrases she’s made up. And she even takes further aim by personally dedicating it to all the people that have ever unfollowed her, which is a BIG MOOD.

“I made a name for myself online. I’m just a username with too much time. I want you there on my internet” she sings in the catchy hook before further adding “I made a home on the world wide web. Just a lonely generation Z. I want you there on my internet”.

Beginning with just the strumming of her guitar intertwined with her doo-woop influenced vocals, she launches into a punchy indie pop-rock anthem that would be an incredible show opener. Sonically it continues to draw comparisons to Alex Lahey and Courtney Barnett with her contrastingly quirky lyrics and punchy delivery.

‘Internet Song’ is a bold and perfect anthem for the lives we live online. With this being only the fourth single she’s released so far, it honestly cements the pure excitement I have in watching her vision take form.