RAYE is nearly ready to deliver her new EP ‘Euphoric Sad Songs’ which takes listeners on the journey through the seven stages of grief. Following in the footsteps of ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Please Don’t Touch’ and ‘Natalie Don’t’, she’s giving listeners one final look into this exciting forthcoming project. 

‘Love Of Your Life’ is the embodiment of the final stage of grief. It’s a representation of coming to terms with the trauma and hurt you’ve experienced, and realising that you feel ready to turn a negative into a positive and grow through it. Confessing all of the cynical thoughts that are rotating in her head, she embraces that she could actually be the love of your life if she just takes a leap of faith. It’s so euphoric, playful and has this freeing atmosphere to it. 

“I can be intense, I can be a little obsessed, but I can bet you’d never think a nightmare will ever look better in a dress. You’d probably never get any sleep. And twice a week I’m fucking depressed. One second, I cry, then I’m laughing, I know it wouldn’t make any sense. But I could be the love, be the love, be the love, be the love of your life” she euphorically sings. 

Injecting a disco-pop influence to the song, it feels very in-line with recent releases from the likes of Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue sonically. It’s got a carefree glow to it which will have you immediately dancing along to it with the biggest smile on your face, which I feel like was also the ultimate aim of the song.