From building her name up through collaborations over the past couple of years, DOOLIE has really inserted herself as a rising star that you must keep an eye on with the release of her debut mixtape earlier this year appropriately titled, ’hope you like my mixtape’. 

‘My Cue To Leave’ is the first taste of fresh new music from the Gold Coast based singer-songwriter following the closing of the first chapter of releases, as well as her recent run of shows with DVNA in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

Continuing the exploration of her down tempo R&B meets electronica pop sound, she gives you a song that rivals the infectious nature of ‘Only For A Night’ and ‘Attention’. Opening with warped keys and an RNB infused beat, she glides through this addictive track by interpolating a little bit of sass, reflective emotion, and vocal confidence. Adelaide based singer-songwriter PNK FME then jumps on during the third verse for a contrasting male perspective before DOOLIE takes back the reigns for one final chorus. 

Reflecting on the continuous battle between your head and your heart, she highlights a exploration of leaving a toxic situation but struggling with the emotional connection that you have with that person that kept you in a cycle for so long. “I know that you called, It’s on my purpose that my phone went flat. And if you feel ignored, remember I was meant to do that” she honestly and slightly sassily sings as she finds her confidence to walk away. 

‘My Cue To Leave’ is a strong beginning of this next chapter following the release of her debut mixtape earlier this year, and will have you ready to be entranced again.