SINGLE REVIEW: Be Charlotte – Back To Life

Be Charlotte is a name you need to get acquainted with. The Scottish singer-songwriter has been introducing herself to listeners on a global scale with her breakout tracks ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Machines That Breathe’ and ‘Lights Off’. Her honest take on pop music intertwined with her distinct vocals is immediately captivating, and has really paved the way for her flourishing journey. 

Earlier this year she released her debut EP ‘Dreaming With The Lights Off’ which received high praise from critics and fans alike, and cemented the impressive songwriting and hooks that have led her to open for the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Tom Walker, Major Lazer and Frightened Rabbit. 

Following the release of the anthemic ‘Set Somebody Free’, Be Charlotte has dropped one final single for 2020 before she starts work on her highly anticipated debut album. ‘Back To Life’ is an empowering and bold pop moment that is a pure euphoric explosion of wanting to do better. Written as a commentary on the struggle of going through the motions of everyday life and not feeling enriched with what you’re doing and not being genuinely happy deep-down, she really hits a universal nerve. It’s something that we’ve all felt at one point in our life, even if we haven’t fully unpacked it. She personally acknowledges this feeling and then promises to herself to do better. 

“We are just ghosts in the morning, we are somehow haunting ourselves. I’m so tired of going through the motions, with all of the voices in my head. So I wrote a letter to myself saying I’m not over it, but I know I can do better” she sings during the opening moments of the song. 

Sonically this one of the most straight-up pop sounding tracks that she’s released to date. With a bold confidence layered over the vulnerable confessions, she balances all of the emotions immaculately well and has you ready to euphorically dance. The tropical infused beat breakdown is  something that has been done a lot in pop music over recent years, but it really suits this song and feels fresh within the synth layered production. 

‘Back To Life’ is a song that you can imagine being the song played in the credits of a Netflix coming of age film. It’s bright, euphoric and ultimately empowering, and will have you excited to hear what the next chapter in her musical journey holds.