ALBUM REVIEW: Little Mix – Confetti

Little Mix have deservingly become one of the most successful reality TV created groups of all time. With a career now spanning over nine years, they’ve started to pass the baton on with their own reality TV contest ‘Little Mix The Search’, which saw them mentoring a bunch of acts in the search for their next support act for their upcoming tour. Intertwining with the season finale that saw Since September take out the top spot, the dynamic four-piece have dropped their highly anticipated sixth studio album.

‘Confetti’ is a bold exploration into their pop sound as they reclaim their creativity after leaving their record deal with SYCCO and have excitingly dived deep into the sounds and influences that genuinely inspire them. These thirteen tracks are a great representation of who they are as women individually, as well as a group. There are songs about love and heartbreak, as well as one’s about celebrating their identities as women which will hopefully inspire so many other people to be proud of who they are. 

As a body of work it’s a lot more cohesive than ‘LM5’ which lacked the same assertive confidence as ‘Glory Days’, which I think is still their best album to date, but ‘Confetti’ certainly comes close. 

Here is a countdown of our top 5 songs from ‘Confetti’;

5. ‘A Mess (Happy 4 U)’

Welcome to the stage, the mature older sister of ‘Shoutout To My Ex’! This sad-banger takes on a different energy and perspective to a breakup song, and it’s quite beautiful. It reflects on watching your ex move on with someone new while you’re still hurting and grieving from that relationship. 

“I’m still a mess, oh, since you left. If I can’t be happy, happy with you, I’ll be happy, happy for you. I guess no hard feelings, cause loves looking good on you. You’re happy, I’m happy, I’m happy for you” Perrie sings during the chorus. 

The contrast of heavy emotions with the playful production hits hard!

4. ‘If You Want My Love’ 

This is the song I didn’t know I needed so badly from them. I mean, a 90s inspired girl group song. DEAD!! Think N’Sync meets Britney Spears with minimalistic pop production that then goes into this really impactful punchy synth delivery. 

3. ‘Holiday’ 

‘Holiday’ follows in the footsteps of their previous single ‘Break Up Song’ which gave listeners a 80’s inspired sonic similar to Dua Lipa’s recent material, and returned to their pure pop sound behind their record ‘Glory Days’. This song strips that sonic back slightly and allows a pulsating synth and groovy guitar riff to pave the way. It’s sonically very reminiscent of Neiked’s smash hit ‘Sexual’ and also embodies that same tongue and cheek energy with the lyrics and attitude. 

The saucy track is a lot of fun and it feels like a classic Little Mix song. It just makes you feel good from the very first listen, and along with this playful energy the pulsating baseline will keep you wanting to go back for more. 

2. ‘Confetti’ 

In typical Perrie Edwards fashion she leaked a little bit of the chorus during an interview, and then described it as a “sexy, fun and cool song”, and she wasn’t wrong. The title track feels like a really strong representation of the record as a whole as it’s playful, mature, and genuinely just a strong track. It’s definitely the biggest standout out of all the previously unreleased songs on the record. 

  1. ‘Sweet Melody’ 

This genuinely might be their best song to date. Like literally!! The chorus is infectiously catchy and will get stuck in your head on the first listen. The production is also pure fire and will have your whole body ready to move, while the music video will then completely slay you with its flawless choreography. A MOMENT! A SONG! END OF!

NOTE: Honorary mentions to the singalong ready ‘Nothing But My Feelings’ and the anthemic ‘Gloves Up’ which will be a fan favourite in the live set, and even gives me some serious Sia vibes in the chorus. HUGE. And ‘Not A Pop Song’ and ‘Break Up Song’ were cute singles too.