SINGLE REVIEW: Peking Duk feat. The Wombats – Nothing To Love About Love

Peking Duk x The Wombats is a collaboration that I didn’t see coming, but one that I’m really glad came into fruition. The celebrated Australian production duo and the UK indie pop-rock favourites have crossed paths on multiple festival line ups over the years, so really it shouldn’t have come by too much surprise that they joined forces. But with ‘Nothing To Love About Love’ they’ve really combined their two unique sounds and given you an anthem in its own right. 

It’s not as straight up pop inclined like some of their previous releases like ‘Sugar’ featuring Jack River or ‘Fire’. Instead hey’ve just created a song that sounds like a remix to something you could’ve heard on The Wombats 2015 album ‘Glitterbug’. There’s a unique grittiness to the production during the dark and haunting verses that then transition into the euphoric synth explosion of the chorus. 

The production during the chorus is quite bright and bold, but the underlining message of the song is quite the polar opposite. It’s a self-deprecating love song that hears them detailing the complexities of love. “It was all I ever needed, and I found a way to fuck it up. I’ve got caught up in the feeling, there’s nothing to lovе about love” Murph from The Wombats sings during the hook. 

This may not be a commercial pop smash for Peking Duk, but this will definitely become a fan favourite in their forthcoming live shows, and one that you will find yourself ready to cry to on the dancefloor.