New Zealand have a new pop duo on the scene that are going to melt your hearts and have you ready to dance under fluorescent lights. LAIIKA consist of best friends Grace Moller and Heidi Simpson who have been honing their artistic craft since they were 13 years old. With their debut single ‘Crush’ coming as they step into adulthood at 19 years old, they are finally ready to showcase their polished harmonies and ear worm hooks. 

The infectiously penned track hears them establishing a sound that combines nostalgic 80’s influenced synths with an atmospheric 2000’s production. It’s a sound that feels familiar yet fresh at the same time with comparisons drawn to the likes of Churches, Blondie and Carly Rae Jepsen. Upon the first listen you feel like you’ve been transported back to a time where this sort of glittery and shimmery pop dominated the charts, whereas now it’s all trap-pop which is becoming boring and predictable to hear. 

The romantic and gushy track is all about that initial crush and head over heels feeling you experience when first getting to know someone. “You’re never not on my mind. I dream about you every night. Your face is spinning around my head. Oh no, oh yeah” they sing during the pulsating hook. 

This is a very strong and existing introduction to who LAIIKA are. It will get stuck in your head upon the first listen, and you’ll find yourself wanting and needing more from them ASAP as you fall down the synth layered rabbit hole with them.