SINGLE REVIEW: Eliott – Home

This year has been a tough year for everyone in so many different ways. But one particular way that it has heavily affected people is through travel restrictions which have prevented families to be together during these struggling times. Eliott’s new single ‘Home’ is an anthem of longing to be with your family, and will resonate with so many people who are feeling disconnected with the ones they love most right now. 

Written pre-lockdown after coming off months of touring, the Melbourne based singer-songwriter wrote this song about missing family during the hectic schedule that her last couple of years have been built around. But this song has taken on a whole new life within the unique craziness of 2020, and it couldn’t be more universally relatable. Dedicating a verse to each member of her family, she vividly describes her relationship with each of them, and explains what she particular misses about them which will have your eyes watering on cue. 

“Hey sister, I’ve been meaning to tell you I’m proud. You’ve got a family now and that’s still weird as hell. And I never say, but you’re doing so well. And I don’t want you to worry but lately I’m lonely and feel like I’m falling apart” she candidly sings to her sister. And as she heads into the chorus she confesses; “Home is where I wanna go. I miss the smell of the open air. I need to know we’re close”.

Building a warm production around the song, she layers the emotional lyrics with a sense of comfort which resembles the idea and feeling of home to her. Beginning with keys and atmospheric synthesiser, she then adds guitar and drums which helps create this anthemic moment. After a first listen you will find yourself immediately wanting to press replay and revel in the pondering of your  relationship with your family. It’s emotively raw, but weirdly comforting, and it’s going to resonate quite deeply on a global scale.