SINGLE REVIEW: Client Liaison – Intervention

Client Liaison have had a very quiet 2020 in the spotlight, but before the year is officially out they’ve returned to give us an uplifting anthem. ‘Intervention’ is a song and a moment that we all need as we creep towards the end of one of the most turbulent, confusing and toughest years of recent times. 

Giving everyone a moment of perspective and a much needed intervention of sorts they remind people that things will get better, but we just need to unite together to find the light. Embracing that message through music, they encourage everyone to dance through the confusion and tears, and find the inner strength to not give up. 

“Heard you lost the sparkle in your eye, you think there’s nothing left that could go right” they sing during the opening moments of the song before proclaiming the message of the song in the infectious hook; “It’s an intervention to lift you up tonight. No wrong or right, just an intervention”. 

Laced with their signature 80’s influenced pop sound, there is a pure euphoria that shines through from start to finish. It’s nostalgic but fresh, and it’s slick but experimental. It’s very cohesive following their releases ‘The Real Thing’, ‘The Beat Supreme’ and ‘Champagne Affection’ from last year, and continues that exciting sonic trajectory.