SINGLE REVIEW: Bella Ferraro – Believe You

After a seven year hiatus, Bella Ferraro is making her presence known in the music industry again with a confident and experimental new sound that captures the growth she’s embraced during the in-between years. 

‘Believe You’ is the follow up single to the victorious ‘Her’ which signalled her return to the spotlight. It’s a song that leans more into the commercialised pop sonic that you expected her to initially dive into with ‘Her’, but instead she went into a more experimentally charged arrangement. She still holds onto these roots through her vocal mix, and the fusion of synths that seem to organically come together, but there is a heavier pop polish that glides effortlessly over the top. 

The hook is infectiously catchy, and will have you ready to singalong to it immediately and dance under a strobe light, or enter a karaoke bar and sing it like she does in the accompanying lyric video. 

Reflecting on a toxic friendship that deteriorated over time, Ferraro reminiscences on a trip to Japan they went on together. Booking it just before their friendship started going south, the shear awkwardness of the trip was the last memory they have together. As the trip ended she looked back on their friendship and knew it was over, and this song details the toxicity of it. “I want to believe you but I can’t stop this feeling that you’re lying through your teeth, I am the one you are deceiving” she confidently sings. 

‘Believe You’ is a strong and intoxicating follow up single for Bella Ferraro, and will continue to win over old and new fans alike who are excited and intrigued by this new chapter in her story.