Just when you think you know where ASHWARYA’s sound and vision is going, she switches it up and gives you yet another experimental and game changing perspective. The 21 year old singer-songwriter has had a meteoric introductory with her commanding debut single ‘PSYCHO HOLE’ and the infectiously experimental follow up ‘BIRYANI’. And with the release of her third single ‘COMIN@ME’ one thing has stayed consistent, and that is her knack in writing an absolute banger. 

The chaotically brilliant track fuses enmeshing balladry with bhangra-influenced drumming, and cheeky headstrong rap together to give you something immensely unique. There is honestly nothing else out there in the pop world that comes even close to what this song embodies, and this is SO exciting.  

The song reflects on the toxicity of being stuck in a cycle of constantly coming back to someone who betrayed you and continues to hurt you and break your trust. Calling for confrontation, this song signals the downfall of the relationship as ASHWARYA finds her feet and her voice, and simultaneously finds the strength in her vulnerability sonically. 

There are constant comparisons being drawn to Billie Eilish because of her prominent dark indie-pop vibes and her game-changing approach to production, but when you take that aspect away from it, her music is not even close. She’s truly in her own lane here, and you will be spellbound immediately as you fall down the psycho hole holding a bowl of Biryani in your hands, and mentally ready to start a confrontation.