SINGLE REVIEW: Eilish Gilligan – Flesh

Eilish Gilligan is one of Australia’s brightest and most unique pop voices and songwriters. Her growing discography is eclectic, emotional and genuinely exciting to immerse yourself within. From the anthemic ’S.M.F.Y’ and ‘Patterns’, to the mature growth of ‘Someone Else’ and ‘I Just Want To Look At You’, you will find yourself immediately captivated by her dreamy and powerful vocals that hit every emotional nerve.

Throughout the turbulent year that been 2020, the Melbourne based singer-songwriter has been working on new music, and has also embraced the platform Twitch as an innovative way to interact and perform to an audience. But she’s finally properly returning with her second release of the year, and this time around she’s serving you an atmospheric pop ballad that will hit you in the feels, harder than ever before. 

‘Flesh’ is a song that could easily soundtrack the pondering stare out of a window on a rainy day, or  the moment where you lean your head on the window of the bus or train on a commute home from work. It’s a moment of reflection lyrically and sonically. 

Produced completely by herself, she has honed this sound that is built up around a piano and a crackling minimalist pop ambience, and later even includes a bit of orchestral influence. It sounds like it’s been taken out of Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ world, which is honestly the highest form of flattery. It just feels warm and comforting, even though the emotional tendencies are very prominent. 

While this song sonically feels sad and heavy, it’s actually lyrically quite romantically inclined. Inspired by being told “I think about you all the time”, she ponders on all the questions and thoughts that are running through her mind while trying to process what they’ve just said. “Are you taller than me? Are you smarter than me? You really think about me. Are you braver than me? Are you smarter than me? You love me” she sings.

‘Flesh’ is a stunning return to music in 2020 for Eilish Gilligan. It follows the mature growth of ‘I Just Want To Look At You’, and continues to explore the creative sounds the revolve in and around her musical world.