SINGLE REVIEW: Cry Club – Dissolve

Cry Club are rioting their way into the release of their debut album ‘God I’m Such A Mess’ which will be unveiled on November 13, and they’re simultaneously bringing some angsty relief to the year that has been 2020. 

Every single that the Melbourne based band have released from this record has increasingly impressed with their knack for strong-hook writing balanced with innovative production that immediately captivates your attention. But one song that fans have been eagerly requesting and buzzing to hear become a single is the infectious ‘Dissolve’. This song has been a staple in their live set for a few years now, and has always been one that deserved to have its own moment, and now it’s allowed to shine as the last preview to the forthcoming record. 

This absolute anthem of a song reflects on the complexities of anxiety with the thousands of questions that frantically run through your brain at a million miles an hour. Acknowledging the factor of overthinking, they realise that sometimes you need to put that aside and think a bit more logically, which is always easier said than done. “Is it my anxiety that makes me think you’re sick of me? Did I do something, or did we dissolve?” lead singer Heather Riley honestly questions during the electrifying hook. 

The production is rooted in their pop-punk beginnings but has also been intertwined with an electric pop fusion that brings out a polished mix in the structure. It really revolves around the pulsating and energy driven hook that has been made to get immediately stuck in your head. 

‘Dissolve’ is hands down one of their strongest songs in their repertoire (tied with ‘DFTM’ if you ask me), and is also their most anthemic single yet. It’s been a fan favourite in their live set for a long time, and now it’s going to be rightfully a fan favourite on their debut album.