SINGLE REVIEW: Chloe Minogue – Caught Up

With the Australian pop scene flourishing right now, it’s exciting to see brand new artists unapologetically embracing their pop roots and breaking through genuinely with their synth layered beats and earworm hooks. 

Chloe Minogue is a Brisbane based singer-songwriter who has been introducing herself to the world through three chilled out indie-pop collaborative tracks with Melrose from Order Sixty6, as well as the completely solo track ‘Tell Me It’s Alright’. But with the release of her new solo single ‘Caught Up’, we are finally hearing her confidence soar as she leans into her pop sound whole heartedly.

Citing a similar sonic to the likes of some of pops fresh favourites like Dagny and Leon, this song embraces the pulsating pop energy that is increasingly taking over charts and streaming platforms alike. Beginning with an atmospheric production that she dreamily sings through, the song builds into a pulsating synth breakdown that infectiously drives the chorus 

Reflecting on the unwanted drama that surrounds a romantic relationship or friendship break-up, she walks away with her head held high and her middle finger to the sky as she realises she deserves better and doesn’t owe anything more to them. It’s a very relatable sentiment that we could all embrace at one point or another. “I don’t want to let you back in at all. I don’t want to say I’m sorry cause, I don’t want to have you by my side. I don’t want to have you stay the night. I don’t want to take the risk that I’ll fall. I don’t want to worry about you at all” she honestly sings. 

Interpolating her dreamy vocals effortlessly, she creates this infectious sound that will captivate you on the very first listen. ‘Caught Up’ is her strongest release yet and honestly captures a pure growth in her artistry and confidence. And the most exciting thing is she’s only just getting started with her debut EP slated for a 2021 release.