Samantha Jade is bringing back late 90’s RNB and early 2000’s pop music in 2020 with a fresh perspective on the music that originally made her want to become an artist. Earlier this year she gave fans the sensually charged RNB monster ‘In The Morning’ which was an underrated moment of reclaiming her confidence. And now she’s unveiling the empowering ‘BACK 2 BACK’ which is all about connection and friendship. 

Exploring the importance of connectedness in a year that has given everyone serious whiplash and forced us to find other ways to stay connected because of the global pandemic, this song is all about being there for, and uplifting the ones you love the most. Written as a song in particular about sisterhood, she powerfully highlights her bond with the women around her, and further explores that in the beautiful accompanying music video. 

“When you’ve got no fight and your head don’t feel right. Walking on a thin line, don’t forget to breathe, breathe deep” she sings before reassuring “I got your back, babe”. It’s such an empowering moment of solitary to remind people that they aren’t alone, and always have someone around them that will support them in the moments they need it most. Lyrically and melodically, the uplifting delivery is also reminiscent of Rachel Platten’s tracks like ‘Soldiers’, ‘Stand By You’ and ‘Fight Song’. 

Sonically it immediately brings me back to the early 2000’s music I was raised on with it’s simple guitar riff and pop beat driven production. Its empowering and positive message radiates throughout the full duration, while her impressive vocals offer yet another stunning delivery which will unsurprisingly have you captivated. 

‘BACK 2 BACK’ is a strong pop moment for Samantha Jade that hears her giving fans exactly what’s she good at, and will have you increasingly excited to hear what else she has in the wings waiting.