SINGLE REVIEW: Hugo Basclain – Falling

Hugo Basclain is continuing to lay down the foundations for his musical journey with the unveiling of his new single ‘Falling’. Following in the footsteps of his emotionally led debut single ‘Fragility’ which was released earlier this year, the Sydney based singer-songwriter is confidently stepping into a more pop leaning spotlight. 

‘Falling’ hears him honing a sound that could be found in-between Shawn Mendes, Conrad Sewell and Dean Lewis. It’s a lot more commercially accessible than his debut, and has an earworm hook that is ready to get stuck in your head. It’s anthemically charged, and will be a fun singalong moment for his future live shows. 

Reflecting on the surprising moment of falling for someone, he explores getting to know all the things from their past that has helped shaped them into who they are now. “And I’m falling, and your falling too. I’m needing just one night with you” he honestly sings. 

It’s a tender and warm song that may not be groundbreaking sonically or lyrically, but it it is one that is comforting and will perfectly soundtrack that moment of free falling for you.