SINGLE REVIEW: Hope D – Miscommunicate

In August Hope D delivered one of my favourite songs of the year with the Queer anthem ‘Common Denominator’ which identified the classic mismatching of setting people up only because they’re both gay. And now she’s ready to back it up with a song that is all about a relationship that is heading south along due to poor communication issues.

‘Miscommunicate’ is a song for anyone that struggles with articulating their words in the heat of the moment. Written as a way to communicate with someone she was dating, the Brisbane based singer-songwriter opens her heart and confesses that she was purposely miscommunicating in order to get a reaction, and to jeopardise the relationship before she had to talk out her feelings. 

“And I know I should just talk to you about it, but no, I don’t think I will. See I’m not what you deserve” she candidly sings before further elaborating; “I don’t want to talk, just complicate. I love it when we end in screams and shouts. You know how I love to miscommunicate, I’m never gonna get to say these things out loud”. 

This song hears her delivering a slightly more stripped back sonic compared to her previous releases ‘Common Denominator’, ‘Second’ and ‘Swim’, and instead gets more in touch with the emotional delivery that this storyline leads with. Beginning with a simple guitar accompaniment, the song then launches into a full band hook which feels euphoric and upbeat which is an interesting contrast to the lyrical content. 

‘Miscommunicate’ has been a fan favourite in her live set for a little while now, and it’s going to continue to become a big singalong moment for her as people start to embrace it as the future hit it deserves to be.