SINGLE REVIEW: Amy Shark feat. Travis Barker – C’MON

To coincide with her epic performance at the 2020 NRL Grand Final over the weekend, Amy Shark has released a brand new anthem that has the strong possibility to re-create the accolades alongside some of her greatest hits. 

‘C’MON’ is a bold indie-pop moment that intertwines her punk-rock roots by collaborating with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. This isn’t the first time that she has teamed up with someone from the iconic punk trio after collaborating with Mark Hoppus on ‘Psycho’ in 2018. Bringing his drum flair to the track, Barker helps elevate the anthemic foundations that this song is built on and give a cool fusion of sounds.  

With a very honest and genuine storyline of reaching out for help and forgiveness while trying to become a better version of herself, this song will cut close to home for a lot of people. It feels like the final attempt at finding strength in a moment of darkness, and you can hear the raw emotion through her delivery. 

“Lately I’ve been losing, letting people down a lot. Cutting all the corners, standing on shoulders, drowning everyone so I can get to the top. All of these things I would like to stop” she honestly sings before asking “C’mon, give me that nice strong steady arm. Cause what if I fall and you don’t see? I don’t wanna be responsible for me”. 

It’s a song that grows on you with each listen, and will become an anthem for anyone that needs that encouragement to ask for help. Because it’s not weakness to ask for help, or to say that your not doing okay, and we need to remember that.