SINGLE REVIEW: Sloan Peterson – Nightmare

Sloan Peterson is ready for a rebirth, and with the announcement of her signing to Warner Music Australia the Sydney based singer-songwriter is ready to showcase that progression. ‘Nightmare’ is the bold lead single from her forthcoming new EP which hears her stepping into an experimental alt-pop realm, while still holding onto her previously laid pop-rock foundations. 

Exploring the highs and lows of a relationship, she questions the construct of being told that you’re bossy or controlling instead of being assertive and driven. It’s something that happens quite a lot within so many different types of relationships, and it can be quite a toxic unravelling. Taking a playful direction with this concept, she plays up to that narrative and embraces that character.

“I’m your nightmare. I’m haunting your dreams, treat you like a dog, and I’m your god damn queen. Holding onto memories, got you down on your knees, begging ‘baby don’t leave. I worship you, and I wanna be together’, but I’m like, whatever” she sings during the intoxicating hook. 

Layered over a sweeping production, she paints this very theatrical palette that is addictive and catchy. It’s a sound that feels like a natural progression for her, and feels very polished. One listen will simply be not enough, and you will go back again and again hitting replay on it.