SINGLE REVIEW: Tate McRae feat. Ali Gatie – Lie To Me

Tate McRae has had a WILD 2020, and that’s a big statement to make because, I mean, we’ve all had a wild 2020 with the current state of the world. But Tate’s year has been a little extra crazy in the sense that a song she wrote, recorded and released in lockdown has gone absolutely viral and become one of the biggest songs of the year. ‘You Broke Me First’ is a song that is still charting and exceeding expectations with its rapid streaming success. But even though the song is still having its moment, the Canadian singer-songwriter has just dropped another track which has “hit” written all over it too. 

‘Lie To Me’ featuring Ali Gatie is a moody RNB-pop ballad that is all about having your expectations not met in a relationship, and having the other person lose your trust by lying to you. It’s a timeless story that we’ve heard over and over again because people don’t seem to learn by others mistakes, so we have to experience it for ourselves in all of its heartbreaking weight. And this song is a representation of Tate and Ali’s personal pain when it comes to this situation.

“After everything we’ve been through you come crying to me. You said you’d never lie, so why you lying to me?. I gave you my trust, my heart, and everything inside of me. Tell me how’d you pay me back? You made a fool out of me” she sings during the emotionally fuelled hook. 

Keeping with the dark pop/RNB sonic that she’s delivered up until this point, this song continues the brooding vibe with a simple guitar riff during the verses that is then layered with a RNB beat on top as it glides into the hook. It’s quite minimalistic structurally, but the production is layered well that it still feels prominent and strong.

‘Lie To Me’ is a very strong single that follows in the footsteps of ‘You Broke Me First’ and recent single ‘Don’t Be Sad’. It’s rhythmically and lyrically captivating, and her soulful vocals are hypnotising in the best way possible.