SINGLE REVIEW: Sophia Messa feat. Pink Sweat$ – Made

Sophia Messa is introducing herself to the world in a very mature and well refined spectrum with a strong discography of RNB-pop songs building under new name. Her debut EP ‘Ice Cream & Cigarettes’ is slated for a late 2020 release, and following the release of the title track in July, she’s back with the highly anticipated next taste to hold you over. 

‘Made’ is one of her strongest tracks yet. This confessional moment hears her embracing everything that makes up who you; the good, the bad and the uncomfortable. Without allowing yourself to mess up, and feel a particular way about it, then you don’t grow or learn. It’s from living life and exploring the highs and lows that we can evolve as humans. So this song is an ode to all of those feelings, and all of those mistakes. 

“They ask why I bеnd the rules, that’s just what I’m made to do” she sings during the chorus. But it’s during the first two verses that she gives you a standout lyrical juxtaposition that will resonate with people emotionally. “Some are good at keeping friends, but me, I’m good at losing mine” she signs first before then later singing; “some are good at keeping love, me, I’m good at losing mine”. The second one cuts extra DEEP. 

Giving listeners a minimalistic RNB-pop vibe, the stripped back production begins with just a guitar riff and finger clicks that then later intertwine with a RNB beat. It’s quite simple but it works really well as it allows her songwriting to take centre stage. Pink Sweat$ then jumps on for a verse and then harmonizes with her for the final chorus. 

‘Made’ is a VERY good song, and it perfectly continues the bold evolution that Sophia Messa has illustrated so far.