SINGLE REVIEW: Sarah Wolfe – I’ll Never Be Happy Again

Sarah Wolfe is exploding into a brand new sound with her electric new single ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’ and you better believe it’s going to have you revelling in its pure energy.

The Sydney based singer-songwriter began introducing herself with the dark-pop banger ‘Devil U Know’, and then she started steering towards a guitar heavy pop sound with ‘U Think This Is A Game?’ and ‘100 Times’. But now with ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’ she steers further into the guitar led sonic with a LPX reminiscent pop-rock vibe, and I’m totally obsessed already. 

The anthemic track begins with a groovy little guitar riff that builds with the incorporation of handclaps, and then inevitably the addition of drums and grungy guitars. With the song building throughout the verses, you are slightly taken aback by the crunchy rock leaning chorus in the best way possible. Its a sonic that will make you want to just run around screaming in a mosh pitt as soon as we are allowed to again.

Reflecting on the breakdown of a relationship, she leans into the psychology of her mental state with her anxiety making things seem and feel bigger than they need to be. It’s something that a lot of people experience and feel, which will make this song even more special and relatable as it feels like a euphoric release of emotions. “This is having an undesirable affect on my emotions, hear you saying you’ll have to go again soon. I’ll never be happy again” she honestly sings during the chorus. 

From start to finish ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’ is an engaging and super strong listen that will have you falling further in love with her songwriting and evolving artistry.