It’s been a big week for Claud. The LA based singer-songwriter has just been announced as the first signing to Phoebe Bridgers record label Saddest Factory, and on top of that they’ve just released their highly anticipated new single. 

Following the breakthrough success of ‘Wish You Were Gay’ last year and their impressive EP ‘Sideline Star’, ‘Gold’ is a strong continuation of the sound and vision they’ve laid down. Sitting in a more experimentally leaning sonic, there is a strong guitar riff that drives a unique groove into the song. It’s a contrasting sound that brings to live this quite emotional leaning storyline with a upbeat and infectious charged sonic. 

Reflecting on a sinking relationship, there comes a moment when you realise you need to cut the chord and walk away. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important to know when something isn’t right and get stuck in a continuous loop of being hurt. “Don’t say you were there when you weren’t. Cause I don’t think you were there when I was hurting” they sing during the chorus before later adding “I’m too optimistic when I think that this’ll work out without anothеr emotional night where we both break down”. 

‘Gold’ is such an exciting release for Claud. If you related to the emotional foundations of ‘Wish You Were Gay’, then you will fall further in love with their mature reflection on love, heartbreak and life with this little golden nugget.