SINGLE REVIEW: George Rose feat. Harry Mockett & Lauren Dejey – Summer

Emerging into the world as an exciting newcomer to watch, British singer-songwriter and producer George Rose has been using the turbulent year to his advantage by releasing music into the stratosphere and allowing it do what it was always intended to do, which is connect with listeners. 

His debut EP ‘You’re Not Worth An Album, So Here’s An EP’ dropped in April 2020 and was a poignant body of work that follows the process of a break-up and the mental headspace that becomes a direct reaction of it. Then in June the follow up single ‘i’m bored x’ further explored his efforts as a producer with a song all about knowing your self worth and not giving into temptation. The bedroom indie-pop song was create during isolation and kept the momentum building after the breakthrough success of his track ‘Self Care’. 

Now he’s back again with another track to keep the experimental vibes flowing, and for ‘Summer’ he’s teamed up with fellow independent artists Harry Mockett and Lauren Dejay for something a little left-field. Taking a backseat on lead vocals, he’s allowed his production side shine through as he melds these three unique voices together and finds a way to allow each artist to have a moment in the spotlight. Harry Mockett takes on the lead vocals during the verses with a vocal attitude that is reminiscent of mid 2010’s pop-punk with the likes of You Me At Six. Lauren Dejey then steps in for the hook while George Rose harmonises with her and layers their vocals to compliment each other. This structure continues throughout the song and they build a really unique sonic that is anthemic, bold and euphoric leaning. 

Reflecting on a short lived summer romance, George says goodbye to the memories with this touching and anthemic release of realising that it is what it is. “I’m not going to spend all summer, touching you the way I wanna. I don’t wanna be with you, I’ve already been with you” Rose and Dejey sing during the hook. 

‘Summer’ grows on you with each listen with its infectious attitude that embraces a bit of pop-punk in a more indie-pop spectrum. They even embellish with a epic guitar solo that is the perfect mix of gritty and polish, which I guess is also the perfect way to describe this song.