SINGLE REVIEW: Lauv & Conan Gray – Fake

Lauv and Conan Gray are perfect examples of the new breed of popstar’s that are globally taking over charts and radio alike. With massive followings originating from streaming and online platforms, these two prolific American singer-songwriters have joined forces for an in-depth reflection of the two faced people we all have in our lives. 

‘Fake’ is almost a celebration of those people you don’t want in your lives, and exposes them for who they really are, which is fake to the bone. “Man, you’re so fucking fake. You don’t mean a single thing you say. If we’ve got a problem, say it to my face. And you’re just like all the people that you hate. You’re so fake” they sing during the anthemic hook before confessing, “when the real you’s back, I’ll pick up my phone”. 

There’s an infectious layer to the melody which will have you immediately singing along, while the honest tone of the writing will have you quickly relating it to someone in your life that doesn’t feel genuine. Contrasting this dark and satirical vibe, they’ve created a sound that feels like a giant release of pain. It feels free, honest and hopeful, and as they say goodbye to all the people that still think it’s okay to lead you on, when you honestly don’t deserve that, they have you feeling unstoppable with your newfound confidence and power. 

On paper, Lauv and Conan Gray are quite similar artists, but with this single release they’ve showcased to listeners why they are such a brilliant duo as they both quite different and bring a light and shade in their artistries. And through this they’ve created a bonafide banger that you won’t be able to get out of your head.