MAY-A is a Byron raised and Sydney based newcomer who has to-date been highlighting a whole lot of promise with an impressive coming-of-age influenced string of singles. With over 2 million streams on Spotify alone, her introductory singles have clearly struck a chord with listeners, and something tells me that this new single is going to further break barriers for her. 

‘Apricots’ is a powerful indie-pop song that is all about her journey of understanding and acknowledging her sexuality. The coming-of-age track is an ode to that process and acts as a letter to her old self as she tries to help her come to terms with the fact that she’s searching for something that she doesn’t even know she wants yet. 

“You’re not looking for a girl when that’s something you don’t know you want” she honestly sings before delivering the infectious refrain, “I’m something that you don’t, something, something that you don’t know, something you don’t know you want” 

Contrasting this pretty heavy subject with a light and playful production, she creates this infectious energy that surges through the song and creates a moment of pure release. Some listeners will get drawn in by this song and not even realise the heaviness it represents and will just be captivated by the aura this song embodies, and that’s okay. But when they peel back the layers, there is a real Shrek x onions moment here of self realisation. 

Sonically the stripped back guitar led production which then transforms into an electrified anthem is reminiscent of the likes of Sasha Sloan, Chelsea Cutler and Gracie Abrams, and it’s quite exciting seeing her find her voice and sound so early on. 

This is the sort of music that MAY-A should be making, and hopefully will keep on making, because personally as a 26 year old queer person, I wish I had songs like this to grow up with so I didn’t feel so alone, and could actually relate to something so passionately.