SINGLE REVIEW: Labrinth – No Ordinary

Labrinth has continued to wow listeners with his emotionally vulnerable and experimentally layered tracks. Following his Emmy award win as the lead composer on the Euphoria soundtrack, he’s ready to deliver another emotionally produced track as part of the Xbox Series X I S campaign. 

‘No Ordinary’ is a breathtaking moment that reflects on a love so powerful and raw that breaks the expectations and feelings we have felt in the past. “Got my heart so wide open. Lifting my spirit like a holy ghost” he describes, before proclaiming “Hey, I know this is no ordinary love”. 

But where this song really comes to life is through the layering of production. The innovative structure takes listeners on a journey from the opening minimalist oozing of synths and vocal harmonies that continues to build into the experimental explosion. And don’t even get me started on that high note… damn!