SINGLE REVIEW: Kita Alexander – Can’t Help Myself

At this point Kita Alexander can do no wrong. Her last three singles ‘Between You & I’, ‘Against The Water’ and ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’ have been immaculate summer ready pop bangers. And her new single ‘Can’t Help Myself’ is following suit by delivering a sound that you’ll want to soundtrack all of your future afternoon drinks with. 

With a pulsating synth-line driving the production, she layers her raspy vocal delivery during the verses before contrasting it with a smooth chorus that feels light and playful. It’s very cohesively on track with the other releases she’s graced us with in the lead up to this one. It’s very summery, captivating and infectious. 

Reflecting on the unexpected reality of falling in love, she explores the butterflies, the excitement and the smiles it brings by diving into full on embracing this feeling. “You know I can get a little carried away when you come over. Can’t help myself with you” she sings during the euphoric hook. There’s even a cheeky little lyrical reference to Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ with the line “But they say, don’t it always seem to go” layered in the pre-chorus. 

‘Can’t Help Myself’ is an infectious and pulsating synth-pop moment that will have you wishing you were at a summer festival singing along to this song with the sun radiating down on you.