SINGLE REVIEW: Jax Jones feat. Au/Ra – i miss u

Jax Jones has some serious bangers in his discography, and whenever he releases a new track there is a part of me that questions if he will be able to live up to the high expectations he’s set for himself. But I should stop worrying about him because he’s not scared, and he’s just delivered one of the best songs 2020. 

‘i miss u’ featuring Au/Ra is everything you could want or need from Jax Jones. This anthemic, infectious and hugely memorable track will immediately captivate you and have you ready to simultaneously cry and dance the night away. Reflecting on the heavy grief that follows a heartbreak, the German singer-songwriter spins the whole “I miss you” to an extreme “I only miss you when I’m doing everything” sort of reflection. She really draws you in and has you feeling all of the emotions while stomping your feet along to the beat without a second thought. 

“I only miss you when I open my eyes and I breathe, and I try to forget that I let you go. I only miss you when I’m closing my eyes, try to sleep, and I cry to forget that I let you go” she sings during the pulsating chorus. 

Jax Jones builds an EDM-pop production that returns to his experimental roots, and doesn’t rely on the stock standard pop gimmicks you’d expect from someone trying to have another hit. Instead he’s just made a huge EDM-pop crossover that feels fresh, and is ready to dominate charts and radio alike.

I can’t get enough of this song. It’s constantly stuck in my head, and I’m not even mad about it.