SINGLE REVIEW: Bebe Rexha feat. Doja Cat – Baby I’m Jealous

Bebe Rexha is back with her first song of 2020, and it’s a bit of an anthem for the new digital age. ‘Baby I’m Jealous’ is all about the insecurities we face because of social media, and instead of running scared from them, she embraces the impact they’ve had on her. Realising that she gets jealous of the people she sees when she scrolls her newsfeed, she acknowledges the impact it has on her, and has turned it into a 2020 banger. It’s super relatable, and something that most people will be able to relate to as we all compare ourselves in one way or another. 

“Baby I’m jealous of the pictures that you like. Baby I’m jealous of the girls with lighter eyes. Baby I’m jealous, and I know that it ain’t right. But I’m jealous, jealous, the jealous kind” she sings during the infectious hook. Doja Cat jumps on the track for a verse as well as to help drive another angle on the song with a partner cheating on you and stalking their likes to find the pattern.

Instead of making it a sombre ballad or a brooding dark-pop track, she lives up to the playful nature of being jealous, and creates a production that is fun, quirky and rhythmically charged. It’s cohesively on the same path as the material behind her debut album, and she serves you something that is ultimately groovy and memorable.