SINGLE REVIEW: Bea Miller – Wisdom Teeth

Bea Miller has had a wild 2020 because in-amongst the craziness of lockdown and a global pandemic, one of her previously released singles decided it was a great time to go viral on TikTok. ‘Feel Something’ has become one of the anthems of this dark and strange period of our lives, with a lot of people really resonating with it’s candid approach to mental health. With this happening over the past couple of months, the New York based singer-songwriter has been teasing an impending drop of new music, and finally the first taste of what is to come is here.

‘Wisdom Teeth’ is not only her first song of 2020, but it’s also the official lead single for her new EP ‘Elated!’ which will be released on October 23. This pulsating little track is a DIY indie-pop affair layered with dark and oozing beats that cohesively continues the creative exploration her previous songs dived head first into. The song has a strong Billie Eilish vibe to it, which isn’t Bea trying to replicate that success, but instead is just her complimenting the dark honesty that Billie has brought into the spotlight. 

Reflecting on her childhood and the innocence, wisdom, and confidence she lost as she got older, she questions if she can get the girl she used to be back. Intertwined with the idea that she lost all of that after she got her wisdom teeth pulled out, she gives you a really playful outlook on this subject. “Why am I so stupid? Used to be so smart. When they pulled my teeth out, lost the wisest part. I used to be so happy, no matter what happened to me. But when they pulled my teeth out, lost the wisest part” she sings during the chorus. 

‘Wisdom Teeth’ is a strong single to bounce back with, and a strong song to lead into this forthcoming new EP which is promised to be just as honest and dark as this offering. 

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