Showcasing the many different sides and emotions to her artistry, AYA YVES is introducing herself in the boldest way possible. With dark and brooding synths, ‘(in)Sanity’ laid the captivating foundations that she then sprinkled a lighter production on for the catchy follow up ‘Smart Girls’. But for the third single ahead of her forthcoming debut EP, she’s stripped it all back for her most vulnerable offering yet, and it will immediately hit you in the feels. 

‘Dear E.’ is an emotive ballad that acts as a confessional ode to her sister who was diagnosed with untreatable cancer. In the lead up to the diagnosis, she had been spent the previous 2-3 years as her sister’s primary support person through her struggles with addiction. Finally feeling like they were coming into the clear, their family was shocked by this revelation that she had cancer that spread to her bones and couldn’t be treated. Dealing with her grief, AYA YVES wrote this songs as a way to express her thoughts. It’s a really beautiful and simple song that will take your breath away and have you sitting there with her.

“Next time around, I’ll share what your holding. Keep all lines open. Share your hurt”. she emotionally sings during the chorus. 

The production is very DIY and plays into the power of minimalism as her vocals captivate the listener with the emotional story of grief. With vocal quirks and dreamy production providing an ethereal filter, you will simultaneously be in awe of her and physically feel the extreme pain

‘Dear E.’ is AYA YVES strongest release yet, so prepare to be spellbound.