SINGLE REVIEW: Darling Brando – Wild Eyes

Nostalgic boyband pop is honestly what we need in our lives right now, and Darling Brando are serving up just that with their infectious new single, ‘Wild Eyes’. Delivering a sound that could be found in-between One Direction’s ‘Midnight Memories’ era, and early 5 Seconds Of Summer, their smooth harmonies and playful delivery will immediately captivate you.

This song is a sonical growth from their debut single ‘Beat Up Guitar’ which fell more into the country pop meets Hot Chelle Rae. Coincidently Nash Overstreet and Ryan Follese from HCR actually co-wrote their next single ‘Nightlights’ which was a tender pop ballad that allowed their vocals to take centre stage. But for this song they riot back to the big pop sound with a really charismatic delivery which will have you smiling from ear to ear while listening. There are some pop-rock attributes embedded that will allow them to transform the song in the live space with strong instrumentation. 

Lyrically the song follows in the footsteps of ‘Nightlights’ and reminisces on making mistakes and making memories with the people that you care about most. It’s also an ode to true love, and a reminder that it does exist, you just need to allow yourself to fall and make those memories. “Let’s get high on the beach somewhere. Reminisce about the times that we shared” they sing during the pre-chorus before later proclaiming “we’ll see the world with those wild eyes”. 

‘Wild Eyes’ is Darling Brando’s strongest release yet and will immediately draw you in with it’s fun production and infectious hook.