Off the back of the release of his debut single ‘Fallout’ in July, GVY is ready to prove himself to listeners as a newcomer to watch with the release of his addictive new single. ‘For You’ is a strong and sultry indie-pop moment that certifies his individual strength in production and songwriting. 

Reflecting on falling for someone pretty quickly, the Brisbane based singer, songwriter and producer describes that feeling of just knowing that someone is right for you and not worrying about how fast the fall may happen. “we started off just friends, faded in difference. So why am I standing here with tears on my face, for you” he croons. 

Starting off with minimalistic synthesiser and finger clicks, the song builds as it leans into the chorus with dark and brooding beats taking over. It adds this really sultry and addictive layer to the palette which is reminiscent of the likes of Ruel and Keelan Mak. This song is a lot more pop leaning than ‘Fallout’, and is truly a standout moment for him. It gives listeners an ear worm hook that will be spinning around in their heads for hours after listening, and introduced them to a sultry side of the bedroom indie-pop artist.