SINGLE REVIEW: Ayesha A. Madon – Outside Of The Party

Ayesha A. Madon is introducing herself to the world with one of the strongest debut singles I’ve heard all year. The Melbourne based singer-songwriter may be a newcomer to the music scene, but she wowed audiences in Brisbane and Sydney last year when she played Lily in the highly acclaimed musical Fangirls. Now taking centre stage as a solo artist, she inserts that confidence built through being an actress into an mesmerising debut that certifies her as a future pop star. 

‘Outside Of The Party’ is a RNB infused pop song that delivers a strong comparison to Ariana Grande with her whistle tone high notes, and a rhythmic flow that also sparks influences from Mahalia and Alessia Cara. The production stays in the minimalist lane with a guitar loop and a simple piano accompaniment leading the direction. But she incorporates some quirky production ad-libs along the way, particularly during the second verse, which highlights her personality. Not to mention her absolutely adorable spoken intro that hears her giggling “I wanna do one of those intro-y things. Like Jason Derulo, but Ayesha. Hello I’m Ayesha, this is my song” in the studio. 

The songwriting has a self deprecating and humorous outlook that personally reminds me of two of my favourite pop songwriters right now, Sasha Sloan and Julia Michaels. It’s an honest reflection on not wanting to go to a party and endure the social awkwardness that comes with small talk. It’s totally relatable, infectious, and is honestly just a downright tune. 

“Really hate the small talk. Chit chat, I’m riff raff. Tell me how’s your day, how’s your mother fucking dog. Jesus lord, cut me off” she sings during the first verse before proclaiming in the chorus; “Please just leave me outside of the party, I’m good with nobody, don’t come looking for me”.

‘Outside Of The Party’ is a very strong and memorable debut for Ayesha A Madon, and will leave you wanting (and needing) more from her ASAP.