SINGLE REVIEW: Shawn Mendes – Wonder

Shawn Mendes surprised the world last week with the announcement of his fourth studio album ‘Wonder’ which will be released on December 4. Alongside a very messy handwritten note that no one could read, and a teaser to a forthcoming music video which looked like it was taken from the opening scene of The Maze Runner, there was a bit of confusion with what was actually happening. But it all made sense when he finally unveiled the lead single and title track ‘Wonder’ on Friday. 

Atmposhepricfally layered with gospel inspired harmonies, this power ballad explores the world of contemplation, overthinking and love. “Right before I close my eyes. The only thing that’s on my mind. Been dreaming that you feel it, too. I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you” he sings during the chorus. And he even makes a comment on toxic masculinity during the second verse while asking “I wonder, when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man”. 

The anthemically inclined track is exactly what we’ve become accustomed to from the Canadian singer-songwriter. It doesn’t stray too far away from the foundations that ‘In My Blood’ laid, nor does it really introduce listeners to a side of him that we haven’t heard before. To be honest it’s just a little predictable. It’s a good pop song, with a strong heart behind it, but I think now more than ever before we need a little bit more from him. There’s so much great pop music out at the moment, and sadly ‘Wonder’ just doesn’t live up to the same calibre of the other releases that are making a significantly strong impact.