SINGLE REVIEW: Mallrat – Rockstar

Mallrat is excitingly heading into her debut album season and she’s combining everything she’s learnt from releasing her EP’s ‘Uninvited’, ‘In The Sky’ and ‘Driving Music’ and beautifully showcasing her raw growth. The main thing that has shifted in Grace Shaw’s artistic trajectory is her relationship with her confidence. She’s now so self-assured with the pop music she’s creating, and you can hear it through every lyric she sings. 

The first single from this new chapter is the dreamy ‘Rockstar’. Continuing the sonical exploration that occurred on ‘Driving Music’, this song falls into the minimalistic and soothing pop territory. With her vocals taking on this slow and poised delivery, she draws some sonical similarities to Lana Del Rey, but lets be real, Lana wishes she had this song under her belt. With just a guitar and atmospheric pop production smoothing out the sound, she completely changes the direction and surprises everyone with a distorted electric guitar and drum breakdown in the outro. This gives the song a DIY edge, and also gives listeners something that they absolutely didn’t see coming.  

Lyrically she brings you into heartbreak territory as she reminisces on a toxic relationship that has ended, but she still can’t stop thinking about them. But she knows that she deserves better, and she looks towards the future where one day she will forget about them and move on. 

“Fuck you for playing games with my heart and keeping me in the dark, I loved you right from the start” she sings during the pre-chorus before she then ponders; “Maybe I’ll fall in love with a rock star, we’ll be married forever. I’ll forget all about you one day”. 

‘Rockstar’ is one of Mallrat’s strongest pop songs yet, and sits in the top tier realm with ‘Better’, Charlie’ and ‘Groceries’. It’s confident, soothing, beautiful and experimental.