I’m starting to think that G Flip can do no wrong. Her debut album ‘About Us’ was a definitive confessional of love and heartbreak that sparked the huge hits ‘About You’, ‘Killing My Time’ and ‘Drink Too Much’. Since the albums release she has conducted a sold out national tour, played huge festival sets, and even backed up her scorecard with another hit.

‘Hyperfine’ is one of 2020’s best pop songs, and there’s simply no denying that. The catchy, relatable and groovy banger normalises the communication complications that we all experience in our relationships. With a few months in-between releases, she’s ready to keep the good vibes flowing with her new single, ‘You & I’, which is another hit ready to step into the spotlight.

This is another song that the Melbourne based singer-songwriter premiered during her last Australian tour, and it’s just as captivating, infectious and anthemic as it is placed in her live set. Beginning with the minimalistic humming of synthesiser, a simple percussion beat is then added to navigate the song to the chorus which erupts with a tropical-pop rhythm. It’s a massive singalong moment that genuinely feels euphoric. But while the production and songwriting is strong, it’s her vocals that really take centre-stage. The raw power behind her vocals on this track is impressive, and will surprisingly slightly take you aback.

This is a love anthem for everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community, as majority of love songs aren’t written for our community. The perspective we get is through a CIS-Straight lens, so it’s in moments like this that it’s so exciting to embrace a love song that is written for, and by, someone from our community.

“I don’t know why you love me. My heart’s trashed in this life. And I wouldn’t trade you for nobody, one day I’ll make you my wife” she sings during the verses before belting out in the chorus; “I will never lie, now that you are mine. I’ll never cross the line, it’s just you and I”.

‘You & I’ is almost the queer version of ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ with it’s sentiment of “I will do anything for and with you” and it’s so cool to hear. It’s an upbeat, anthemic and gushy love song that will have you smiling from ear to ear upon the very first listen.