SINGLE REVIEW: Romy – Lifetime

Romy is the birth of an exciting new solo project for The XX lead singer Romy Madley-Croft, and she aims to capture a sense of togetherness through her pulsating debut single.

‘Lifetime’ comes at a time where we need to embrace each other in a way that we haven’t exactly done in the past. Human connection has never been more important, and just the littlest bursts of connection can fuel the smallest spark inside of us. The craving to return to normality is r e a l, and the struggle to maintain a positive outlook has been one of the biggest, and the most unexpected hurdles we’ve personally faced. One of the only things we can do is reminisce on the times we were right next to each other and experiencing moments together, which is what this song explores so beautifully. 

“And if you’re ever lonely, if you can’t find the way, if this world comes to an end, I wanna be there with you. Once in a lifetime. You’ll be right beside me, I’ll be right beside you” she euphorically sings as she embraces the power of living in the moment. 

Layering this beautiful sentiment with her signature dreamy vocals, the production is a clear shift away from the melodramatic and soothing sonic of The XX. Instead this project hears her stepping into a pop light that piggy back’s off the experimentation that their last album as a group touched on. 

With each listen the glitchy and pulsating production continues to grow on you and gives you a much needed rush of serotonin. It’s a feel good pop moment that you won’t want to end, and will also have you intrigued to hear what else this solo project will offer.